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Holistic Pulsing

Imagine yourself laying down at the massage bench. Contradictory to most other massages where you have taken off your clothes, with this massage you are still dressed. It's only your shoes that you're not wearing anymore. The masseur stands besides you and asks you to close your eyes and relax. You feel his hands alongside of you. Then, very quietly, you feel a motion floating through your body. It's as if the masseur rocks you very gently.

Holistic Pulsing is a dynamic massage. This means that the body is brought into movement. This movement is very gentle and subtle. It gives the body a chance to release any tensions and it brings relaxation. And as the massee feels this, he becomes more aware of his own body. More conscious even of having a body. Most of us are living so much inside our heads that we seem to forget that we cary a whole body with us. From this point of view Holistic Pulsing has parallels with haptonomy, that makes us aware of our body by using touch as well.

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